Turshoe.com raises 300.000 TL from Doğa Venture!

Turshoe, offering newest bags, shoes and accessories, will come into use in a little while with the tag line “Don’t leave today’s fashion for tomorrow”.

Gulyabani Games focuses on new game after our seed funding!

Gulyabani Games continue development of their new game: Mushboom, planned to be released before new year, after Doğa Venture seed funding.

Doğa Venture invests in Crushmania!

Doğa Venture invested in Crushmania, offering a new gamificated social network experience!

Doğa Venture Invests in Sepeti.com!

Sepeti.com, offering advantages for newbies of e-commerce sector, is more powerful with Doğa Venture.

”All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

Walter Elias, Co-Founder of Walt Disney


As Doğa Venture, early stage investment company of Doğa Group which has brands like Doğa Schools, English Time Language Schools, Sade Organik, F&F Steel and DoğaMar, we invest in entreprises that will turn into future’s companies with our own capital. With the belief of human is our most valuable investment, we co-own your dreams.


Mr. Fethi Şimşek (Startup Turkey)


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Gulyabani Games

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”.




We’re a part of the evolution!

The value laying in the spirit of entrepreneurship is the skill to dream a brandnew product or service or converting an existing one into a new usage. Enterprising persons are the ones who can ask “why not?” instead of “why?”, see what others can’t see thanks to their innovative and creative foresights, living ahead of the time and taking oppurtinites during hard times.

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Ideas becoming ventures, dreams becoming true!

Since our establishment we’re investing in all entrepreneurs who can trigger a revolution with their ideas. Our passion to our job requires more than being an investor. We help entrepreneurs both financially and operationel besides in networking what has an huge importance in nowadays conditions. We also share our know-how and guide them to for wise moves. Based on mutual trust and harmony, we constantly look out for chances to be useful for our entrepreneurs in every field and in every stage in our partnership.


We share your dream in every field!

As Doğa Venture, we make seed stage or early stage investments in your projects in any field you believe you can create innovation. We embrace any enterprise that is innovative, creating differences in the market, has potantial to grow and has an applicable revenue model.


We can do it!

We’re ready to support you in every stage of your venture. We contribute actively alongside your needs. As long as you believe in your project, we believe too. Because, we are aware of that glamour created by difrentiated and outstanding projects.


Added value for everyone!

As Doğa Venture, our only purpose, with the belief of our country’s potantial, is to invest in ventures that can become future’s succesful companies. We are conscious that with investing we prove added value for not only ventures but also for economics.

“If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought”.

Isaac Newton

Share your dreams!

Since our establishment we believe that the principal value is “human”.

We’re ready to support you in any means to take you forward.

To make your dreams true, we share your dreams!



“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

Thomas Edison


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